Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sensible Sewing: Skirt and Half Slip

Earlier in the year I realised that what I really needed to be sewing was sensible things: plain, mostly black things that would go with all the crazy patterned stuff in my wardrobe. Well, finally I've managed to finish off two garments. The first is this sensible skirt. I made it out of black polished cotton which unfortunately had a bit of stretch in it so it was pretty annoying to sew with. Also, I decided that big pleats would look good, but every time I have to iron this skirt I curse myself! Nevertheless, it's been an absolute staple in my wardrobe over autumn. I just modified my usual (made-up) dirndl skirt pattern.

My second sensible sewing piece is this silk half slip. I always wear a half-slip under my skirts, especially under gathered or circle skirts - you never know when the wind is going to blow suddenly and reveal your unmentionables to passers by! I used Gertie's tutorial for a Vintage Inspired Half Slip

 For the fabric I cut up an old silk sundress that I never wore, and trimmed it with some red lace that I had lying around. It was super simple to make, and now I'm thinking of making some more half slips for winter out of old slips that I have that are too long or too tight around the waist, but have pretty lace edging.

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