Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cropped Jacket from 1954 Finished.

I finished this bolero/cardigan ages ago but the weather was too warm to take photos. The pattern is a Cropped Jacket from a 1954 issue of Housewife magazine, and can be found it on Vintage Chic.

The instructions, though brief, were quite clear, and it knitted up really quickly. I used Rustic 12 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills (unfortunately discontinued) in Cinder Fleck.

I think it's going to be a really useful cardigan for winter, as it's quite warm and has that lovely shawl collar, but the three-quarter length sleeves stop if from being too hot, and it's the jackety feel of it is a bit smarter than a cardigan.


  1. Hi, I'm about to start knitting this and I am so confused- the instructions for the back don't seem to be complete! How do you know how many stitches to cast on? Please please get back to me if you can! Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather,
      The jacket is actually knitted in one piece and then just seamed up under the arms and down the sides. So you knit the left front from the bottom up, increasing on the side edge (which will make a sort of batwing underarm bit) and then where it tells you to cast on 27 stitches is where you are making the sleeve. When it tells you to "cast off" in the left front pattern instructions it means cast off the collar stitches - the rest of the stitches you need to keep on a spare needle. (The collar has a little seam up the back of it where you join the two pieces at the end). Then you knit the right front just like you knitted the left front (but reverse it so the collar is on the other side) and then you "moss stitch over the 72 stitches of the Left front on spare needle". This joins the two front pieces together. You are now knitting up one sleeve, across the back and down the other sleeve with each row, and you will now be following the instructions for the Back. You will have a trillion stitches on your needles so I suggest using circular needles (I used straights and it was pretty difficult). Now just follow the Back instructions, basically knitting until the cuffs measure 13", and then decreasing on each side to shape the back.

      I hope this helps, these vintage patterns are always so brief that it's very easy to get confused (I had to ring my mother for help when I was working it out the first time). If you need more help I'm happy to send you a diagram of what it looks like flattened out before you sew it up if you like (sometimes seeing a visual helps!), or to clarify any of the instructions. You can email me at sophiekollo (at) Good luck!

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I've been looking for this style or cardiagn everywhere and just found your blog post. Your finished one is STUNNING! Unfortunately because this is an old blog post the link to the pattern has gone dead. I could cry! IS there any chance you have a printed copy somewhere I could have a photo of? My email address is michellesanger13 at Fingers crossed. and thanks :)