Saturday, 1 March 2014

Call the Midwife - Nurse Trixie

A while ago I did a post about some of the outfits in the BBC series Call the Midwife. While I previously covered Nurse Jenny's very classic and conservative wardrobe, this time I'm going to look at Nurse Trixie.

Trixie is the most outgoing of the four nurses. Fun-loving, flirty and sophisticated, she smokes Sobranies and loves dancing and dating. Compated to Nurse Jenny's classic, conservative wardrobe, Trixie's style is glamourous  and vampy. 


Trixie wears a lot of sweaters or finely knitted jumpers. The stretch knits allow her to show off her lovely figure, and teamed with tight pencil skirts they are quite sexy. I just love this scene of her singing to a wooden spoon in the kitchen!

This sweater-blouse is black with fine yellow stripes at the front, and a wide central stripe. It has a little collar, and I imagine it zips or buttons at the back. Trixie has paired it with a black pencil skirt and a velvet or suede belt with a brass buckle. In this view it looks like the belt is moss green, but I'm not sure if that's it's real colour or not. 

In this view you can see the way the stripes become v's at the shoulders. I think the sleeves and body are worked in one, and this is how they get the shoulder shaping. It's such a cute top.

In this close-up you can see her matching yellow earrings!

Although her wardrobe is more glamourous and sexy that Jenny's, Trixie never wears anything tacky or revealing. Her clothes are actually quite covered-up, for instance this lovely black sweater with the high neck and pretty openwork lace insert.

Paired with a long straight black skirt, the outfit is quite demure but the combination of black and her startlingly platinum hair is suggestive of a film noir femme fatale.

This shows another example of one of Trixie's sexy black sweaters, this time with a lace appliqued v-neck filled in with sheer black. I think she's wearing it with black pants in this scene. I like the combination of 

Another glamourous black sweater, seen briefly at the end of the season. This one has a zipper neckline with two balls or pompoms dangling from it, a wide collar and what looks like bead or rhinestone detailing on the front.

I love this sunray neckline jumper that Trixie is wearing here. You can see that it zips up the back which is how the neckline can be so high.

The colourway of black with white, caramel and two different blues is really effective and looks great.

And look what I found! Forties Style for You has a free download of this pattern which is for pretty much exactly the same jumper! You can even make a matching cardigan.

This is my favourite of Trixie's sweaters. The colour looks great with her blonde hair, and I love the flattering draped neckline.

Another green sweater, this time with a casual outfit of black pedal pushers and flat pointed shoes. The button detailing on the collar is a nice touch.


All the girls at Nonnatus House have dressing gowns for those late-night suppers around the kitchen table, Trixie's is cosy and flattering at the same time. Pale blue with a pattern of yellow and magenta roses and fern sprays, it has a contrasting black sash and interesting teardrop shapes piped on the wide shawl collar and on the hips (pockets?).

We catch a glimpse of Trixie's underwear when the girls strip off for an impromptu dip in the pool. Of course Trixie wears black underwear, the little minx! Here she has on a lovely black lace longline bra.

She pairs it with matching black knickers with lace side panels. I also like the lemon yellow bustier on the girl in the background.

Party Dress

Of course Trixie's "going out" dress is black too! I just love this dress which is extremely 50s with its three-quarter dolman sleeves, stand-up collar and full, pleated skirt.  It has covered buttons down the front and seems to be made out of a fabric which sparkles somehow.

You can see the "sparkly" quality of the fabric better in this screenshot. I wonder if it has a nylon thread woven into it to give it that shiny look. 

Look at the great handbag Trixie's got, so cute.

I had to get a shot of these beautiful shoes. Don't you love the pointed bit at the front?

Well that's it for Trixie's outfits, but I am borrowing the DVDs for season 2 from a friend so hopefully I'll be able to look at more of Jenny and Trixie's outfits soon.


  1. I adore the costuming on CTM, glamour girl Trixie is my favorite!