Thursday, 16 January 2014



You may have heard that Melbourne is experiencing a heatwave this week. Temperatures have been over 40 degrees from Monday onwards - today is going to reach 44 C (111 F). What can you wear on a day like that? 

This is my outfit today: my Edgeley Lenore dress from the SS 2012/13 collection. It's made out of 4 panels of silk, tied at the waist with a silk sash. I have a matching red silk slip to wear underneath because the side panels are quite sheer.

Here it is from the Edgeley webshop.

I'm also wearing my Edgeley Tassel Earrings, which were a present from my cousin Bella. They go with everything and  I love the feeling as they brush against my neck! 

I bought a few pairs of espadrilles at the beginning of summer from the Espadrille Store, and these are my favourites. They are silk, lined with canvas. I wish I had bought a black pair too.


  1. Awesome outfit! Looks so breezy and comfortable :-D

  2. Now all I can think of is this song!