Sunday, 3 November 2013

Noir Comic Finished and Launched

Finally the little comic is done and printed. It was two weeks of hard work, more time consuming than I thought (of course I still had to go to work, etc). 

Here are some peeks at the two pages of drawings. This was when they were still on the tracing paper, before I scanned them in and fiddled around with the on Photoshop.

I wanted to make the cover look like one of those pulp detective novels from the 1940s and 50s. First I needed a sexy dame. With a bit of inspiration from Dita Von Teese and a book about the history of strippers in America, I found my lady.

After a harrowing night on the computer (it had to go to the printers the next day) I got it all finished, including the cover. The background was a photo of theatre curtains, and I used free fonts I downloaded for the titles. Detective Novels is in Government Agent BB, and Dance for Me is in True Crimes. I added the wear around the edge by using this great tutorial from Storyteller's Workshop Inc.

I sent the pdf off to Officeworks to have 100 copies printed out, and picked them up a couple of days later. What a disaster! The test copy I had printed at work on the new office printer turned out fine (see above), but the ones from Officeworks were really dark and inky. You can see below that they were much darker, and the paper they used had a sort of greyish blue cast to it so that contributed to the issue.

Luckily there's a copy shop in the basement of the library (why didn't I go there originally? I know, I'm kicking myself) and they printed them out again for me, in half colour, and it turned out looking more like the original. What a silly waste! Now I realise that it's always best to go to a printing place where you can talk to the people and get them to do a test print. Well, it's a learning experience!

So I folded 200 sheets of paper in half and stapled them all with my new long-arm stapler into little booklets. Ouch, my hands were hurting after I'd finished all that!

The launch went really well and all 100 copies of the Bordertown journal (with my comic as an insert) were sold! Yay! I completely forgot to take any photographs except a couple of very blurry ones with my friend Robyn.

Dress: Malibu Tiki Dress from Deadly Dames
Necklace: Metal Couture pistol pendant

And this selfie when I was getting ready. I made the orchid in my hair to match my dress, and I'll put a tutorial up about it next week. 

And last of all, a couple of little author/illustrator profile pictures I did of me and Mr Macska to go in the back of the comic. I think we make quite a cute little mouse couple.