Tuesday, 6 August 2013

More Spinning

My first lot of handspun yarn! I finally finished spinning all the green and yellow stuff a while ago, and then I had to ply it, which is when you spin two or more strands together. This makes the yarn stronger and thicker, and stops it from unwinding itself. This is a 3 ply.

I've already started on my second spinning project, with some tops that I picked up very cheaply at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild sale day. It's much softer and I can spin it so much more finely. The tops are mostly royal blue with bits of yellow, white and pink included. At first I was going to leave the other colours out, but they actually make it much more interesting to spin, so I'm changing colour for a bit every now and then. They will probably be knitted into socks for Mr Macska eventually, but I'm sure he can cope with a tiny bit of pink.

The fabric in the background is a beautiful piece of Hungarian embroidery which I am going to make into cushions (I have two of them). It almost looks like it is woven, but it's actually stitched in lines on the red fabric.

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