Tuesday, 6 August 2013

More Spinning

My first lot of handspun yarn! I finally finished spinning all the green and yellow stuff a while ago, and then I had to ply it, which is when you spin two or more strands together. This makes the yarn stronger and thicker, and stops it from unwinding itself. This is a 3 ply.

I've already started on my second spinning project, with some tops that I picked up very cheaply at the Handweavers and Spinners Guild sale day. It's much softer and I can spin it so much more finely. The tops are mostly royal blue with bits of yellow, white and pink included. At first I was going to leave the other colours out, but they actually make it much more interesting to spin, so I'm changing colour for a bit every now and then. They will probably be knitted into socks for Mr Macska eventually, but I'm sure he can cope with a tiny bit of pink.

The fabric in the background is a beautiful piece of Hungarian embroidery which I am going to make into cushions (I have two of them). It almost looks like it is woven, but it's actually stitched in lines on the red fabric.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Little Paris Kitchen

About a month ago I discovered a new cooking show on SBS. I'm not usually interested in programs about cooking, but a friend from work told me that the chef in question was like a cross between Nigella and Amelie, so I had to have a look!

Of course I'm talking about the lovely Rachel Khoo, a British girl who moved to Paris to study patisserie at Le Courdon Bleu, and who subsequently turned her one-room Paris flat into a restaurant so tiny that she could only seat two diners!

I fell in love with Rachel, who is cute, down-to-earth, and most of all, very real. Her food is classic homestyle French cooking with a twist. I can definitely see the Nigella in her (both women love cream and nice cardigans) and she charms every French person she meets. As well as showing her cooking in her miniscule kitchen (she only has a toaster oven!), her program has Rachel visiting some of her favourite food suppliers and places to eat in Paris, and taking inspiration from them.

Naturally there is a book, My Little Paris Kitchen. The recipes are a nice mixture of classic and adventurous. So far I've only tried the Potatoes Gratin, which was delicious, but I'm hoping to try more soon.

You can find the 12 recipes that were featured in the show on the BBC website.  I can't wait to try her Madeleines with Lemon Curd!