Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spotlight haul

I got a voucher in the mail the other day for Spotlight - spend $100 and get $40 off. I couldn't resist, as I'm always nipping up there for this and that. I got a French curve, which I've been wanting for ages, 2 packets of glass-headed pins, a zipper, dye, black twill tape, thread and a bobbin case. I already had a bobbin case but it's pretty hopeless, the bobbins just get tangled up and unspool themselves all the time. This one has a foam insert, so the bobbins squish into the little slots and can't move.

The fabric in the background is 8m of denim-blue corduroy, which was on sale for $6 a metre. I'm going to make a slip cover for my sofa, which is a horrible squishy beige leather one. It's like a beige lump in the middle of the sitting room.

The dye is for this cardigan, which I bought on sale from Dangerfield. I already had a pink one, so I bought a second one so I could dye it red. Hopefully it will work! I haven't dyed anything since I was a teenager.

The cherry fabric is to make an apron for my niece's 15th birthday. Last time I spoke to her she was really into baking, so hopefully she will like it. It will be a bib apron with a frill at the bottom and a little pocket, quite simple. I'll do a post about it and hopefully I can make a downloadable pattern too!

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  1. A nice little haul! Good luck with the dye experiment. Do post some pics, I'm curious to see if it works. I tried to dye a green mohair jumper chocolate brown but it just went a weird sort of dirty green! I imagine the apron will the gorgeous! x