Monday, 1 April 2013

Golden Goddesses

Me and Zoe in our finished costumes at Federation Square last Sunday afternoon.  It was a race against the clock to finish these costumes - we were both extremely tired by the time it came to wear them.

Bit of a close-up backstage.

The belts were made in the same way as I made the collars - vinyl glued together. We strung the front pieces on belts made of some sheer gold and black sparkly fabric I had lying around.

We also made some cuffs out of gold lycra with strips of black vinyl glued in place - the stretch in the lycra means you could just slip them on and off easily with no fastenings.

I made the headdresses out of buckram, wired on the top and bottom. Then I covered them with gold lycra, stitched on the inside (pretty messily too, but I was in a hurry).

I sprayed the heads of some rubber cobras from the $2 shop. The paint was enamel, so it didn't take very well to the rubber, but I didn't have time to do a coat of primer.

I chopped the snake's head off and wired it to the front of the headdress, then glued a line of ric rac around it to make it more interesting.

For the Hathor horned-sun part, I used very thin MDF which was $3.50 for a huge sheet at Bunnings. Luckily our very nice neighbours lent me their jigsaw - I now see why power tools are so amazing, I cut them out in about 10 minutes, while using a little coping saw would have taken about 3 hours! Masked it off with masking tape...

And gave it a quick spray with some black spraypaint I had lying around.

After I'd masked off the black and sprayed it over with gold, it turned out like this.

We had to slip them down the back of the headbands, and through a hole we cut in the wigs to go down the back of our necks. That way the wig elastic helped to keep them secure. If I'd had time, I would have drilled holes in them and wired them to the headbands, but by then I just wanted to finish the costumes on time!

It was a pretty fun afternoon, we mostly just posed for pictures with tourists and festival goers, until our arms felt like they would drop off from holding the wings up!

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