Sunday, 14 April 2013

Barbie Downunder

I was recently asked to make a pink Barbie-sized jumpsuit by a PR company for a client of theirs. I hadn't got a clue what it was for, although they said it should be similar to the ones that people wear when climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here is Oprah wearing one while doing just that. Luckily they didn't need it to have raglan sleeves and all those other set-in coloured bits.

Anyway, it turns out that Barbie actually wore it up the Harbour Bridge! The client was Tourism Australia and Barbie is in Australia, "in search of her new Dreamhouse, with Tourism Australia using her as a platform to showcase Australian tourism experiences to the world", according to this article.

I also made this little satchel and tiny envelope purses out of leather. The purses are about 1.5" across. All of them open up too! You can see Barbie carrying one of the purses in this photo.

And here she is with the satchel.

It's very fiddly making such tiny things, but it was a fun experience and I was paid too, which is always nice.

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