Thursday, 21 March 2013

Egyptian Goddess costume making

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a gig coming up this weekend wandering around at a festival dressed up as an Egyptian themed Golden Goddess with my friend Zoe. As you can see above, this costume is going to involve a lot of gold vinyl and fake snakeskin!

The basic elements of our costumes are going to be these gold belly dancing dresses and gold Isis wings, modelled here by Zoe. We wore these for a previous belly dancing gig, so we thought we'd re-use them.  But how to make them look Egyptian?

This was my initial sketch for a costume idea. Add an Egyptian-style collar, a belt to cover up the fact that these cheap and skin-tight dresses show your underpants line terribly, a wig and some sort of headdress.

Because of time constraints we had to buy wigs from Australia which limited our choices somewhat. We got these ones for about $25 each. The quality is pretty horrible compared to ones I have bought for the same price from China, but they will do. Unfortunately the fringes are feather cut rather than straight across like the one in the picture, so we will have to trim them. I do like the model's makeup though!

I decided to base our collars on the one Claudette Colbert is wearing in this still from Cleopatra. After visiting my favourite costume fabric shop, GJ's, we bought some black snakeskin vinyl and half a metre of gold vinyl.

I made a paper pattern for the collar.

The vinyl is yellow fabric on the back, so I could just draw around the pattern and then cut it out. I split the back piece - I will sew the shoulder seams and it will have a centre back opening which will be closed with velcro.

I cut the central bird motif out of gold vinyl, you can see how it will fit over the black collar.

I realised that I could draw on the gold vinyl with a black permanent marker, which makes things much easier to decorate. I had a play with designs for the bird. The original bird on Colbert's collar looks like a vulture, and is more like the bird on the bottom, but I decided to simplify the design and go with a falcon.

Added an edge to the collar and some stripes of gold - I glued all these bits of vinyl on with clear craft glue which dries quickly and doesn't bleed through, although I made sure I pressed everything while it was drying under a heavy book.

And the finished (front) of the collar. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and it was relatively quick to make, which is great because I'll be making another identical one!

Next up, the belt and the very scary headdress!

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  1. The gods would be fooled for sure! wonderful and clever!