Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Two Years!

Mr Macska* and I had our two year anniversary last weekend! Yay! I did this drawing of us to commemorate the event. He came out looking a bit...pensive (sad?) but I blame my drawing skills or lack thereof.

Because in the real photo (which was snapped at my cousin's wedding a few months ago) he's smiling!  I don't often do pictures of "real" people so it was a real challenge - how much could I get away with glamourising (and making us thinner!) while still retaining something that was recognisably us? I did give Mr Macska a tie, because he wanted to wear it but forgot to bring it along (it was a stressful day). 

My friend Polly Van der Glas was instrumental in us ending up together, and as she just happens to be a very talented jeweller, I would really like us each to get one of her amazing hair rings. They are cast from braids of human hair and I love how they are quite simple and organic. I like the idea of having jewellery with story behind it, and although matching rings are a bit naff, I kind of like the idea!

Herend porcelain cat, Hungary

*I should probably mention at this point that "macska" (pronounced "much-kuh") is the Hungarian word for cat, so it's a silly little joke not his actual name. 


  1. Heh that's a great drawing :-) I think, with illustration its essential to draw oneself thinner and 'better' hehe ;-) It's not like the Royals have unflattering portraits painted of themselves ;-)

    And happy anniversary! Does Mr Macska call you 'Cica'? ;-P

  2. Ah Esz, I wish he did! That would be very cute.