Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wedding Cake Trial

My cousin the beautiful Miss Edgeley of Edgeley, and the dashing Mr Griffiths of Metal Couture, are getting married very soon, and I've been asked to make their wedding cake! Although I'm quite partial to a bit of baking, but I have very little experience with decorating cakes, so I'm a bit nervous.

William requested a chocolate cake, and Alice asked if I could make it like a Mexican heart milagro. Luckily I have a heart cake tin.

Here is my sketch for the cake: pink buttercream icing, red fondant heart in the middle with their initials in gold, a gold flame, and the whole thing ringed with marigolds.

So off I went to Cake Deco, which is an amazing shop in the city, near Flinder Street Station.  It's tiny but crammed with every cake tin, biscuit cutter and cake decorating thing you could ever want.  Here is the cake board, new swanky piping bag and food colouring I bought.

I bought some icing colouring paste, in red and Electric Pink, and also gold edible ink and gold edible spray.

The test cake! The buttercream icing was actually an even brighter pink than this, the photo doesn't do it justice. The gold ink worked really well. My modifications for the real cake will be thus:
- do a thin layer of pink icing all over the cake beforehand, so there are no gaps
- make the red fondant heart thicker, so it doesn't drape over the lumpy buttercream like in the photo
- the flame needs to be much bigger (I was being stingy with the fondant so I didn't have to buy another packet) and possibly have some red or orange colouring to shade it.
- I'm going to use a circular cake board

The cake (a chocolate beetroot cake) was delicious and the icing was lovely, although it did turn my tongue pink. Alice was very happy with the test cake, so it's all go for the wedding.

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