Monday, 5 November 2012

New Vintage Vogue

Vogue's Winter/Holiday 2012 pattern collection came out recently, and included two new Vintage Vogue patterns.

V8850 is a rather stunning cocktail dress from 1951 with a loose-fitted skirt and a side drape which extends from one shoulder all the way down to the opposite side.  It has three-quarter length sleeves, a self belt, and a crossover tab at the neckline. I adore this pattern illustration!

Vogue have made it up in a brilliant red satin, which I think detracts from the detail of the neckline and drape - you can't really see what's going on because it's all too shiny!

The skirt has two pairs of darts both front and back, and there are waist darts in the bodice and at the back neck.

The short-sleeved version is a little less formal, but really it is quite a dressy dress, and I'm not sure I'd have an opportunity to wear it. I do like the neckline and the drape is quite dramatic.

V8851 dates from 1952, and is a semi-fitted dress with a front and back yokes extending into the sleeves, and a contrasting collar with lapels.

Although it has a centre front seam, it actually fastens with a side zipper (of course, it's 1952!) and has a self belt. Apparently it has a side pocket too!

I like the way they have made it up in the original colours, although that hat does look quite silly.  I can actually imagine wearing this, it looks comfortable and suitably demure for work. They suggest flannel, shantung or linen. I imagine a flannel would be the best choice for daytime, maybe red with a white collar? Black would be very useful too.

Of course one doesn't have to have the contrasting collar, as illustrated here. Do you think you would make either of these patterns?


  1. I like the first one better than the second. You could definitely make that for daytime. I hate how they always look so cheap and nasty made up for the pics.

    That said, I don't trust the re-issues. Better to just buy original vintage - at least then you don't have to deal with the wacky amounts of ease they put into modern patterns.


  2. I love the green drape illustration, though I'd probably get it with longer sleeves. It's such a stunning dress, I wish I could sew! xox

  3. These look great and I look forward to seeing you make them. Not so keen on the shiny material in the first as you say. Doesn't hang quite right around the hips. You are just so lucky you can sew. I cannot sing or sew and I have accepted that!

  4. Now I'm new to your blog. You are amazing the dresses you make are so beautiful, I really need to learn how to sew, I think I'm putting it at number one on my bucket list.

  5. Dita was a pornstar before becoming the burlesque icon she is today. Just saying...

  6. I just bought the pattern for 8851, and I can't wait to make it. I think it'll be a perfect dress for work.

  7. I am having difficulty with the bodice on this pattern. do you have any suggestions where I can get the help I need?