Thursday, 22 November 2012

Darling Dita 2012 - Part 2

Dita von Teese is one of the most immaculately clothes celebrities, and I love to have a look at what she's been wearing on and off the red carpet.  Here are some outfits for the second quarter of 2012...

Isn't this the most darling outfit? Dita looks gorgeous in red on 8 April.

A nice view from the back too.

Dita leaving Chateau Marmont (a hotel in Sunset Boulevard built in 1927 and modelled after a French chateau) that evening.

Looks like she is wearing one of her own Muse dresses, but with a different bra underneath.

Could it be this, her own Von Follies bra? I like the fact that she wears her own brands.

Classy in all black on April 13 leaving La Bodega Negra, Soho's newest trendy restaurant. The backdrop of peep-show neon is perfect. Her brooch looks like a tiny daschund!

It is a daschund! Dita wore it out the next night too, having dinner at The Wolsey in London with Christian Louboutin.

A better view of her outfit, the dress is Alexander McQueen.

Leaving the Sunset Marquis. Look at that wonderful clutch with the jewelled snakes! I do like long leather gloves with three-quarter sleeves. She's with her new boyfriend, the 25 year-old Theo Hutchcraft, singer/songwriter of the pop-duo Hurts.  Not quite as classy as a French count...

I'm always interested to see what Dita wears to Coachella, because one just can't wear stilettos and suits to a music festival.  This year she chose a gorgeous cherry-print jumpsuit, paired with high black wedges, and a few armfuls of Bakelite bangles.

Here's a closeup of those bangles, look at that amazing one in the middle. Definitely vintage.

Next day she wore a long-sleeved maxi dress with a ruched waist in a heart print, and flat sandals with big ankle bows.

And this was another outfit at Coachella, I gingham sundress with huge gingham roses on the shoulders (not sure about them). Have you noticed that she has a different pair of sunglasses to match each outfit? I love her attention to detail.

Her shoes are Melissa for Vivienne Westwood crystal-studded flats. A pretty alternative to heels.

Dita launches her Art Deco cosmetics in Munich on April 26. Stunning colour for a dress.

Launching her perfume at Liberty of London.  I found this dress, which is by Herve L. Leroux, rather boring.

But this is exactly the same dress, in gold, and I love it! There's something almost Cleopatra-like about it in gold.  Dita leaves The Arts Club in London on May 1.

It also has an glamourous long train at the back, it's so old Hollywood.

Dita at the 2012 Duftstars Awards, which are the German perfume industry awards. She is wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier from his Fall 2002 collection.  The bodice is quite amazing, all that sculptured cording and huge knots.

I don't think the colour particularly suits her, and the baggy, draped skirt is a little unflattering, but it's so different that I think it's great to see. Dita's perfume won the Lifestyle - Women category.

On June 7 Dita was at Ku de Ta in Dallas, Texas for the Cointreau Poolside Soiree, wearing this beautiful 1930s gown. The dress has three velvet straps on each shoulder that tie in a bow, and along with the cut of the dress, I wonder if this inspired the Muse dress she designed?

What do you think? It's very similar.

At the Costume Institute's 2012 Exhibition Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. The dress is Herve L. Leroux, the earrings are Chanel.

It's quite stunning from the back.

Dita at the Jonathan Saunders Resort 2013 Celebration Dinner, wearing one of the designer's dresses (which I don't think looks particularly good on her - too stretched on the bust) and an Erickson Beamon necklace.

I don't think this dress looks good on anyone though - look how awful it is on the model!

I adore this outfit that Dita wore to the Queen's Cup Final at the Guard's Polo Club in Egham, England. The sleek dress in such a flattering colour, the cute leopard shoes and matching bag, and those wonderful gloves.

At the amfAR Inspiration Night at Maxims, Paris, wearing Marc Jacobs.  I do like the fact that Dita doesn't always wear vintage-inspired bombshell outfits, she often experiments with more modern looks (although I like the bombshell stuff better I must confess!).

Next installment to come soon I promise!


  1. I met her once and she looks just as perfect in person.

  2. Great round up of some of her best looks! I actually love seeing candid shots of he. Not from red carpet events, but just from when she's out because then you can really admire her look.
    I believe the daschund pin was worn in homage to her beloved dog, who passed away around that time :( x

  3. Thank you for this post. Dita is so elegant. Very inspiring as I sit here in my track suit pants doing my Phd. I am looking forward to being elegant myself come January!

  4. Dita was a porn star before becoming the burlesque icon she is today. Just saying...

    (sorry to have posted this on the wrong post before! I just think it is interesting to know, (and I am kind of sick of seeing people idolize her, though her clothes are pretty darn good))

  5. Hmm, not sure what being in porn has to do with having great style - they don't really have much bearing on each other. I think Dita dresses with flair and puts an amazing amount of effort into her look, and it doesn't bother me that she was in a few adult videos years ago.

  6. This is a good one. I like all the dresses and the looks.
    Thank you so much.