Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cupid Hat for Edgeley

These little hats (I suppose they are fascinators but I prefer to call them cocktail hats) are my latest creations for Edgeley.

They are called Cupid hats, and they come in a range of colours. This is one of my favourites, with Swarovski crystals applied to the leopard lycra, and a stunning trimmed pheasant feather. I also made this in leopard with a hot pink feather!

It uses the same leopard fabric as the Edgeley Silhouette Dress, wouldn't they look great together!

The Cupid also comes in a sequinned fabric which looks very sparkly and lush. 

It was the back of this Edgeley Silhouette Dress which actually inspired the Cupid hat!

The sequins are tiny and cover the fabric totally. I also made one with matt red sequins and a red feather, but the sequinned fabric is available in heaps of other colours, including several silvers, gold, green, turquoise and dusty pink.

They are made entirely from scratch - I mould the heart-shaped base from buckram myself, and they are wired around the edge and underlined under the fabric. Then they are lined and edged with grosgrain. I am really proud of how well they turned out, and hopefully I can get some photos of them being worn very soon.  I'm also going to do a tutorial about how to make a covered cocktail hat like this from scratch very soon.

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