Thursday, 13 September 2012

Queen of Hearts costume finished!

"Off with his head!"
Finally some photos of the finished gown!  Unfortunately I didn't get many clear photos of the outfit at the party (too busy partying!) so here are some I got Mr Macska to take at home.

I'm really please with the end product, although I never did get round to hemming the skirt.  It was very heavy and unwieldy to wear, but I think it came close to my original design.

Here is the original drawing again.  I followed it very closely, although I did omit the checkered undersleeves (ran out of time) and matching trim.  I would have liked decorate the headdress a bit more, but as I was still gluing the gold braid on just before the taxi arrived, I kind of left it a bit late!

A closer look at the front.  I hand stitched on a black velvet traingle, and then glued the hearts on.  All the hearts on the underskirt were also glued, but I stitched the gold ribbon on with machine.

Around the neckline I used a wider gold ribbon (cheap stuff from Lincraft) and tacked it on by hand, then hot glued little red heart jewels all along.  On either side of the gold ribbon I stitched black braid, just to give it some texture, and make it stand out more.

In case you were wondering, here is the back of the gown, with my hand stitched cartridge pleats.  With all the hair (wig) and the veil down the back, you couldn't see the back of the bodice, which in hindsight is probably a good thing - look at that wrinkling!

Let the Mad Hatter's Tea Party begin!  Me, Jacqueline (Alice) and our lovely host Rane (the Mad Hatter of course).  See the flamingo in the background!

I do love this photo from the party - me being attacked by Mr Macska's friend Dany, who is actually a lovely tomato farmer from New Zealand, not a psychopath like he seems!

There were the most amazing themed cupcakes - white rabbits, top hats, pocket watches, flamingoes, tea pots, all handmade by the hostess Jo and some helpers, and all vegan too.

I even found a caterpillar one (which was eaten about 2 seconds after this photo was taken) which is fitting since that's what Mr Macska went as.

Behold, the Caterpillar costume that was made in two evenings, out of a second-hand doona cover, a bed sheet, and a big piece of foam.  (This is a terrible photo of us both, but it's the only one I've got of this costume)

I really had no idea if it would work, but I just started cutting and sewing and made it up as I went along.  I was going for the old-fashioned illustration caterpillar look, hence the full sleeves and the curly head.  We didn't manage to buy a shisha pipe in time, which would have looked really good. Next time!


  1. Wow! These costumes are incredible! I've always had a soft-spot for Alice in Wonderland, particularly the old illustrations, so I'm really impressed with the catapillar costume! 2 days? Amazing! Your Queen of hearts costume is also fantastic! x

  2. Hehe that is the best costume EVER! I love how much effort you put it - really pays off huh! The first photo is awesome ;-)

  3. Thanks guys! It was great fun making them

  4. Fantastic costume. Will you be wearing it out again? You could do a partlet with heart embroidery to go with it...that would be so cool.