Saturday, 2 June 2012

Weekend Outfit

A weekend outfit, hanging out at the Edgeley studio (you can see Alice in the mirror taking the photo!)
Jeans: 80's high-waisted Fabergés, black acid wash
Shirt: red and gold western shirt, Just Jeans, second hand
Scarf: Vintage Emporium, Ascot Vale
Earrings and bracelet: Diva

 I love the little gold horse shoes embroidered on the pocket of the shirt.

 The earrings are those bamboo "door knocker" earrings, I have several pairs.  The scarf was from the Vintage Emporium on Union Rd in Ascot Vale.  I picked up 5 scarves for $20 and this one is my favourit.

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  1. Woah - dig those earings !! They are just classic!! What a great find !