Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival 2012

 Last weekend I was up in Sydney again for the 23rd Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival.  My friend Zoe and I decided to fly up the day before so we could have a little look around and a good nights sleep before the festival started.

We stayed in the amusingly-named Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo.  The hotel was built in 1894 and named after the Roman god of fire (not Mr Spock!).  It was renovated in 2006 and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone staying in Sydney - affordable, quiet, nice rooms, and the staff are very friendly.  Plus you get to make the "live long and prosper" sign the whole time you are there!

Me and Zoe having lunch at Darling Harbour.  Expensive and mediocre food, but the view was nice.  I still didn't get to see the Opera House though!

photo by Wheels & Dollbaby

I was dying to go and try on some clothes at Wheels & Dollbaby, which is a gorgeous Australian label worn by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry and the late Amy Winehouse.  The shop is divine, with leopard-print carpet and the staff were so pretty and friendly.

photo by Wheels & Dollbaby

For some unknown reason they only have shops in Sydney and Perth, and I really wanted to try on their leopard-print cardigan before dropping $190 on it online.  Well, it fit perfectly and looked amazing on, and if I could have afforded it I would have bought it right then and there.  I consoled myself by trying on lots of other clothes.

 I tried on the Classic Satin Corset Dress, which is made of a heavy stretch satin and is suprisingly comfortable.  The cups are edged with a little black net ruffle, and the whole thing is cut so beautifully that it is incredibly flattering.

photo by Wheels & Dollybaby

I also tried on the Leather Pencil skirt, which cleverly only has leather at the front, and stretch black fabric
on the back so it won't go all baggy over the bum.

 photo from Holy Kitsch website

On the way there we went to Holy Kitsch, which sells Mexican ornaments and prints, lots of Day of the Dead stuff and Frida Kahlo pictures and ornaments.

I bought this pair of Mexican tin earrings, which will be great for my summer look, which is going to be Frida inspired I think.

Well, finally we got to bed and were up the next morning for the Middle Eastern Dance Festival, with workshops and concerts over three days. 

Here are Prue, me and Zoe posing cheesily with the lady on the poster at the Friday night concert.  We weirdly look like we all belong at Madame Tussaud's in this photo.

After doing six workshops over the three days, we were feeling quite tired, but we managed to put our last bit of energy into performing in the Student Concert on the Sunday.  We got such fantastic feedback on our performance, one dancer described our dancing as "tight, juicy and natural" which we loved! 

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