Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Von Follies Underwear - Disappointing

I had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Von Follies underwear collection by Dita Von Teese for Target.  So last week, I rushed into Target to have a look and to buy myself a whole lot of lovely underwear.  Well...I was a bit disappointed.

The Von Follies underwear comes in 5 different ranges - leopard satin, black lace over blue satin, black lace with red satin, black dotty mesh over nude, and black mesh.  Each range has a bra, three different styles of knickers (briefs, g-strings, and high-waisted), garter belt, and camisole (a fitted "dress" with built in bra cups and suspender straps on the bottom).

I suppose I should have expected this from Taget, but it all looks a bit...cheap.  Lots of eyelash lace and too many different patterned fabrics.  The leopard knickers, for example, have leopard satin, black eyelash lace, black stretch lace and black mesh with a black velvet pattern of leopard spots.  Too much!

The bras are quite nice, they have fairly thick straps, sturdy hook-and-eye closures, and an interesting back.  They come in a range of sizes from 10B to 16E.  The bra bands are about a size bigger than normal (I'm usually a 12 and would have bought a 10).  For some reason they had no 10C bras, and I can't quite work out if they just didn't have them at Target, or if they haven't been produced at all. 

The lovely black lace overwire bra that was apparently Dita's favourite piece was not available, although there are rumours that there will be more styles available in March or April.

The knickers are sized on the small side - they are similar in sizing to Bonds knickers.  The high waisted ones are not really high enough to be vintage, as they only came up to my bellybutton and not right up to my waist (I know they look waist-high on Dita, but come on, she's miniscule and I'm sure they're pinned at the back).

I wouldn't bother with the garter belts except for prancing around the bedroom.  They are too loose for everyday wear, don't come right up to the waist, and only have 4 straps.  I'm really disappointed about this, as surely Dita knows what makes a good garter belt!

So after all that, I didn't end up buying anything.  I really think something like Elle McPherson is better quality and looks pretty much the same, and if you want real vintage have a look at Kiss Me Deadly or similar companies.


  1. Dear S, thanks for this honest review (you don't get that on blogs too much these days). It was very helpful. Hope you are well. Cheers, M

  2. Oh no! That makes me sad because I was hoping Dita would put out some decent quality undergarments. Thanks for the review! :\