Friday, 10 February 2012

Fashion and Self-Esteem

I've got something a little different for you today, my first guest post!  Jackie Clark who does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has written a post on how fashion can boost women's self-esteem, especially those who are diagnosed with cancer.  Hope you find this article some food for thought.

Boost Self-Esteem Through Fashion
By Jackie Clark

Self-esteem is an integral part of every woman’s life; whether hers is through the roof or much lower than it should be. Women as a species are incredibly critical of their own bodies, appearance and personality and spend far too much time beating themselves up about things they cannot change or wish they had the power to change. What so many women do not realize is that with positive self-esteem comes confidence and nothing makes a woman more attractive and appealing than her own confidence.

Some women beat themselves up about their jiggling thighs or their pale skin; others lack self-esteem because they can’t lose those last five pounds from their pregnancy or because their hair is never perfect. Those women are lucky; some women have lost their self-esteem, confidence and feeling of power because it was robbed from them when their doctor told them they have cancer. Whether it is a common form of cancer caught early or a rare form of cancer that is more difficult to treat, such as mesothelioma, learning that she has cancer is one of the fastest ways a woman loses her self-esteem. Suddenly she wishes her biggest problem in life were her jiggling thighs or the last five pounds of weight she put on while creating a life.

Confidence and self-esteem are such an integral part of how a woman feels about herself; losing these things in the wake of a cancer diagnosis can have a negative effect on the way a woman reacts to her treatment so it is imperative women do whatever necessary to build their self-esteem to better fight their cancer through treatments.

One way to cheer any woman up is through fashion. A new pair of shoes will leave a woman smiling for days; wearing them will make her feel confident and powerful. Add to that a new dress, such as form fitting, flattering and glamorous wrap dress that flatters every woman’s body and she will be feeling like a rock star in minutes. Fashion has this silent hold on women. Fashion makes women smile. It makes them happy and it makes them feel instantly better when they look in the mirror and see how amazing they look in a new dress, shoes or pair of jeans.

Fighting cancer is not easy; fighting it with fashion is. Fashion may not cure a woman of her cancer diagnosis but it sure will make her feel like a much better version of herself, which will improve her mood and confidence and make her immune system stronger and better able to fight the cancer through radical treatments. The next time a woman is feeling as though her self-esteem has taken a hit; she should head to the shoe store.


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