Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hot Rods

I wish this was my car!  It's a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, and I saw it at the 47th Victorian Hot Rod show last weekend at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

I've always wanted to go to one of these shows.  I know nothing about cars, but I love looking at all those shiny 1950s ones.  There were some amazing cars on display.

This is another Chevrolet Bel Air, but this one is from 1960.  Love the colour and the swooshing arrow up the side.

Another Bel Air from 1959.  Although the coloured cars are great fun, I love classic black.  This looks like something Morticia Addams would drive!

This 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville was so long we couldn't understand how you could ever park it!

Love the all aqua interior, the steering wheel is pearlised an it even has aqua carpet.

A 1959 Plymouth Belvedere.  Look at those fins!

I particularly like this 1961 FK Holden Special, not only because it was in my favourite colour outside

AND inside,

But because it also came with a matching esky with the Special logo on it, and pinstriping on the lid!  Awesome.

There were some amazing paint jobs.

I wish more cars looked like this, how much more interesting would it be?

I actually saw this car driving down High St, Northcote a couple of days before the show, and admired it a lot, so it was rather cool seeing it up close.

The upholstery is a great touch - white leather with Mexican woven fabric in matching blues.  Ah, one day I will have a car as nice as this...


  1. Thanks so much for posting these photos. They are great. I had wanted to go to this but sort of forgot about it. I did go to one a few years ago and there was a black KGB car that was used in the Cold War. It was fantastic! Thanks! Maria

  2. Brill! I loved your slide show! Such gorgeous cars, I too love the holden esp as it's aqua AND it's my year. :-) jx

  3. What a gorgeous show, I wish I were there, too! Superb, unqiue designs! Most of the modern autos look so boring in comparison with those of the past! And that Cadillac in aqua blue...a Dream!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yeah, it would be pretty nice to have modern cars souped up with the paint jobs of these hot rods. They add a dash of uniqueness and personality to the automobiles. Anyway, the hot-rods look great. Many of them look like they've been taken good care of, thus their star-like, larger than life quality.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! I luv hotrods i myself own a model A i wish i cud down load a picture for you but i dont know how!