Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bellique at Whitehorse Spring Festival

I forgot to mention that the belly dance troupe that I am part of, Bellique, danced at the Whitehorse Spring Festival a couple of weekends ago.  That's me, third from the left.  We are wearing our new costumes, which are Desert Swirls, from the Bellydance Store.  They were the cheapest ones we could find that still looked good, and had a range of colours and sizes.

Seems I am doomed when buying costumes off the internet, as similarly to last time, there was an issue with the colour.  I ordered the costume above, thinking it would be hot pink like in the photo, but as you can see, when it arrived it was a rather violent evil Disney villain purple.  Still, I kind of like it now, it seems to make my skin look extra white, which is always a bonus!

Here we are in action!  We did two dances, and Tara (on the left in pale blue) did two amazing solos in-between.  Then we had a mini workshop with the people in the crowd.  There were lots of really sweet little girls who really got into it, which was nice.

My friend Zoë and I hamming it up in front of the matching flowers. You can't tell, but my costume is not just evil purple, it's metallic purple snakeskin!  Tack-tastic!

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