Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Princess Invitation

My friend Ian is a graphic designer, and recently wanted to create some invitations for his god-daughter's 4th birthday.  Like most girls that age, she loves princesses, so he asked me to draw a princess, and some princess accessories to use on the invitations.


I based the drawing on a picture of the Disney Snow White, but gave her a more classical princess hair and face, and omitted the stand-up collar.
These are some of the accessories I thought up for her.  The party was to be in a park, so Ian asked me to draw the objects so they looked like they were sitting in the grass.  I drew a couple of different tiaras, some balloons, butterflies, and flowers.

More accessories: a fan, wand, another crown, little treasure chest, a necklace, and some more flowers.

Here is the front of the finished invitation.  I like the soft colouring on the background, and I think the flowers and grass around the skirt work well.

This was on the back of the invitation.  It's so exciting seeing my drawings used for a finished product! Apparently, the princess looked so much like a grown-up version of Bella, the birthday girl, that her mother thought Ian had given me a photo to work off! 

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