Monday, 26 September 2011


No party will ever live up to David Walsh's 50th birthday party at MONA last weekend.  I was expecting it to be pretty amazing, but to tell the truth, I was concentrating more on what I was going to wear! Here I am with Mr. Macska, his brother Dan and our friend Jacquie just after getting off the ferry.

Alice came to the rescue of course, and made me a beautiful black silk shantung dress.  It's based on the Bombshell Dress that Gertie has a tutorial on over at Craftsy, but quite modified - completely different skirt, re-drafted cups, etc.

The stunning necklace was lent to me by William from Metal Couture.  It's blackened silver, with a beetle in acrylic in the centre, and I got so many compliments on it.

There was a lot of alcohol - check out this whole table of absinthe shots! 

And there were girls in cages, dancing around in their underwear, and then...not in their underwear.  Saucy!

The amount of food and the way it was displayed was stunning.  There was a huge tuna, that slowly got cut up during the night by the sushi chef.

A whole table of oysters, several dozen different cheeses,

Smallgoods and smoked meats, including the most delectable pate I have ever eaten (I know, I felt guilty afterwards)

And a display of fruit and vegetables so exquisitely arranged that I could hardly bring myself to eat it.  Seriously, doesn't that just cry out to be painted?  Note the tiny white pansies scattered througout the fruit.

I especially liked The Nymphs, an Andrews Sisters inspired four girl acapella singing group from Melbourne.  This is a video of them on Spicks and Specks, but they did do this song on the night, wearing 1940s army uniforms.  Gorgeous voices, and we had a mutual hair admiration session later!

One of the really fun things was eating little balls of dried fruit and crunchy stuff, cooked in liquid nitrogen!  When you put it in your mouth and chewed, it exploded and you breathed out nitrogen gas like a dragon.  They were yummy too.

We ended the night by dancing until I thought my feet were going to bleed, best party ever!

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