Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bohemian Masquerade Ball

It was the Bohemian Masquerade Ball again on Friday night, and as the flyer had a Mexican sugar skull on it, that's the theme we went with!

I wore a dress that Alice made me several years ago to go to a NIN concert.  It's a heavy stretch fabric, which really sucks you in, and it flares out in a fish-tail at the bottom. 

 I copied this makeup look from Vintage Vandalizm, I like the idea of having a dead half and a pin-up half.  I made it a bit more detailed, and stuck a whole lot of royal-blue sequins around my eye.  My parents brought my necklace back from Malaysia for me a while ago.  As far as I can remember, it's a traditional folk necklace (or a copy of one).

Alice and William were a Day of the Dead bride and groom.  So cute, I wish they would wear these outfits when they really get married!

The ever-gorgeous Thea made her fabulous turban, it is giving Carmen Miranda a run for her money!

And finally me and Mr Macska on the tram.  No makeup for him, but he did wear a top hat.  I do love men in hats!

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  1. Ah- LOVE the half-dead/half-pin up makeup! You look ace :)