Friday, 5 August 2011

More of my Hats

I posted back in March about my cousin's new shop Edgeley, for which I have been making some amusing hats.  One of them even made it into the lookbook, shot by the incredibly talented Jo Duck.

The hats are called Lorax hats, after the Dr Seuss book, you can see why!

I even got a commission for a custom-made version of the Lorax hat for my friend Jesse, who has displayed this hat rather nicely under a bell jar, like some sort of exotic creature!  It's a modified version of the hat I made for Alice for the opening, with a houndstooth stem, ostrich feather plume, and a ruffled base of black net, some of which is trimmed in black satin, the rest of which has been distressed with pliers and (very slightly) set on fire.

For spring, we are making more Lorax hats in deliciously bright colours.  They have ostrich feathers at the top, and the stem and net are bound in silk georgette.  Very classy.  My favourite is the hot pink one, which sold only days after I made it. (Apologies for the fuzzy iPhone pictures.)

The most recent one is this one in green, and there should be some more colourful ones coming along soon!

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