Monday, 4 July 2011

Psychobilly Polyvore set

Psychobilly Contest
Vintage Vandalizm is running a contest to win one of two $75 Iron Fist vouchers, and to enter, you have to make a Psychobilly Polyvore set. Here's my attempt! I've never really used Polyvore before, but it is quite fun. You can see the details of my set here.

rockabilly | Tumblr

Not sure where this photo is from (I found it on Polyvore but there are no credits) but I am so much in love with this girl. I want to look like this!


  1. LOL I actually thought that photo was you!! Definitely an achievable look then :-D

  2. Hey, great photo. It does look a bit like you - but also a bit like the lovely Solanah from Vintage Vixen! hope you are well. We must try and catch up for a coffee. Am reading Colum McCann's book 'May the Great World Spin' (or whatever its called). Really brilliant, highly recommended. Best, Maria x