Monday, 18 July 2011

Fashion Illustration

One of my favourite sections in the Australian Women's Weekly magazines from the 40s and 50s is the fashion illustrations.  From 1940-1951 the fashion illustrator and possibly editor too, was the mysterious René, about whom I can find out nothing.  In France, René is usually a man's name (as opposed to the female Renée) so I suppose he was a man.  Anyway, he did some lovely sketches, like the delightful one on "sports togs" from 1940, shown above.  It includes such delicious copy as, "With spanking white shorts, try the audacity of a candy-pink hooded blouse spotted in white.  Unexpected drama in the long, full sleeves."

I've also found another illustrator, Petrov, who drew up Last-Minute Fashions, which were supposedly airmailed from London by Mary St. Claire (this was during the War, so Paris was out of the question). Petrov's illustrations are a little more static than René's, but still quite charming.

My favourite by far though, are the illustrations of Dorothea Johnston, about whom I can find nothing.  She usually illustrated the feature Mary Hordon's Paris Notes, which was written by the fashion editor about the latest couture clothing from Paris.  I love the way she uses sweeping lines to give the clothing a feeling of movement.  Everything looks so glamorous! The spread below is from 1952.  Don't you love the blue sunray pleated dress with the black spots?  It's Dior, of course!

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