Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dita Watch

I thought it was high time we had a look at one of my favourite celebrities, the ever-impeccable Dita von Teese.  As I mentioned in a previous post, although I adore Dita's red carpet outfits, I am particularly interested in what she wears when she is out and about, shopping, at the supermarket, going to pilates, etc.  How does one translate amazing Old Hollywood glamour into a wearable everyday style?  (Photos almost exclusively from JustJared.)

Firstly, let's look at coats.  At the airport, or on the way to and from pilates classes, Dita often wears an eye-catching coat, which makes her look nicely dressed up.  Here she is at LAX airport in Los Angeles, wearing an iridescent purple trench with a huge fur collar, and leopard print flats.  For all we know, she's wearing leggings and a t-shirt under that!

Another fur-collared coat at the airport.

This time Dita's chosen a very pale grey/off white trench, a pair of snakeskin peeptoe pumps, and a white patent Chanel bag.  As usual, her hair is simply pulled back, and she is wearing big sunglasses.

Again at the airport (this girl flies a lot!) in a lovely fitted sheath dress with a pattern of black roses.  Sensible flats (or very low wedges) with slender ankle straps, and a cardigan to keep off the cold.  Perfect!

Suprisingly, Dita seems to enjoy doing her own grocery shopping, and here she is in a pair of capri pants, and the aptly named "Dita" cardigan from Wheels & Doll Baby.  

It comes in three lovely colourways.  I would love the red one!

I really like the combination of the fresh and pretty striped top with the grey skirt.  Sort of a sexy secretary look.  The pearl necklace has a diamante Vivienne Westwood clasp at the front.

Another secretary look, with a sheer blouse patterned with feathers, and t-bar shoes.  She's got her dachshund Ava with her.

This is one of my favourite off-duty outfits of hers - the full tweedy skirt, simple black top, and that great leather bow belt.  Plus the shoes are to die for, Louboutin spectator pumps.  Kind of wish I couldn't see her bra through her top thought...

Of course the best place to see Dita in her most casual is at the Coachella Festival.  Here she's gone a little nautical, with her high-waisted shorts, striped top with anchor motif, and Moschino jacket.  Nice to see her in flats for a change!

Another nautical look with the sailor's hat, a cute orange flowered dress with a rope belt, and high-heeled espadrilles.  She's so amazingly porcelain that it does rather look like she might burst into flames if hit by direct sunlight.

Finally, this lovely summery outfit, perfect for a spot of flea-market shopping.  I love the appliqued rose stems on the skirt of the dress, but mostly I love that hat!

Look, the brim is all cut out in silhouettes that look kind of like palm tree tops, or starbursts.  How gorgeous.


  1. Goddamn she is so fabulous - I want ALL her clothes. Especially those coats, they are just magnificent. She's always utterly impeccable and it just proves you can be casual and stylish at the same time. I doubt you'd ever catch her in jeggings. ;-)

  2. I love the coachella outfit. divine! red cats eye sunglasses. i want them...
    that big tweedy looking skirt is box-pleated sophie. i think its LV. gorgeous.
    she is the best style inspiration. i bet she has never worn a windcheater.