Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beauty Alphabet - V

"V" is for Voice

"Perhaps one of the most important attributes of a beautiful woman, and perhaps also one of the most often overlooked, is a pleasant, well-modulated voice.

There is not space here to enlarge upon voice production, but there are a few steps you can take immediately without any expert advice.  The first step is to listen to your voice.  I'm sure if more women took the trouble to listen to their own voices they would never speak the way they do.

A woman with a charming appearance can completely ruin the effect she makes if her speech is slipshod.  Too often in Australia we meet an attractive woman who speaks with an unpleasant nasal "twang" and does not form her words properly.  Nobody likes an affected voice, but this is not the only remedy for the unfortunate Australian accent [my italics].

With a little care you can round your vowels and pitch your voice on a lower key which is more comfortable for you, and pleasanter for the listener.  Your voice can do SO much for your personality.  Become voice conscious, listen to your own voice and other, take note of speech faults and work hard to make your own voice a delight to listen to."

(from The Argus, 28 December 1950)

I guess in the 1950s,a broad Australian accent was considered inferior to a cultivated English one.  I do love a good English accent, but is the Australian accent really "unfortunate"? 

This advertisment, singing the praises of elocution, appeared in the Launceston Examiner in 1931.  According to this, elocution is "the medium whereby you may express your thoughts in clear, concise, and interesting speech.  It enables you to entertain your friends.  It ensures your popularity in social life."  Elocution was obviously more than just how you sounded when you spoke, it was also how you spoke about things, more like a public speaking course today.  Not such a bad idea really.

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