Thursday, 2 June 2011

Beauty Alphabet - U

 (from Sears Fall catalogue, 1950)

"U" is for Undies

"Care of your undies is a priority [in] this hot weather.  The woman who is personally fastidious will be very particular about her underwear, because crisp, fresh undies are the hallmark of a well-groomed woman.

Don't attempt to wear you lingerie for more than one day.  Wash it out at night, or first thing in the morning.  Don't leave it lying around dirty, as this is bad for the fabric.  Dry your underwear indoors for the same reason you dry you stockings that way.  [Why? So people don't steal them?  Look at them? So they don't get bashed around on the line and get damaged?].  And be careful when you are ironing delicate fabrics.  For silks and satins, don't have the iron too hot.  For artificial silk you can have the iron hotter.

Watch for the first signs of wear - a slight tear or a worn patch - and mend it immediately.  This way you will have a repair which is almost invisible, and you will add years to the life of your undies."

(from The Argus, 21 December 1950)

Colette Patterns has a pattern for a loungewear set called Nutmeg, which includes the French knickers shown above, as well as tap pants with a pointed yoke, and a light bralette with ribbon straps and a back tie.

On their site there is a nice tutorial by Rachel, on how to add lace appliques and trim to your French knickers so they look like the ones above.

Come and See the Seitz has a tutorial for making (non-vintage) knickers by taking a pattern from an old pair you like, but which has seen better days.

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  1. i love cute vintage-style underwear! =)