Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mystery Woman - Copacabana

I've temporarily (I hope) mislaid the cord that connects my camera to my computer, so no new photos today. Time for another Mystery Woman post instead! This was the first MW, from The Argus, 17 November 1949. The lady in question was spotted in the foyer of the Copacabana on a Tuesday lunch time.

She was wearing a "buttercup yellow crepe frock printed with a black flower design". The dress had a v-necked draped neckline, cap sleeves and a full skirt. Accessories included a black belt, black suede shoes and gloves, and a black leather handbag. She also wore a natural straw hat with a big black taffeta bow, and a thin line of black trimming under the brim.

The Argus fashion reporter, and the fashion artist Jo Newham, said they chose this lady as their Mystery Woman "because even though you lunch date was late, and you kept glancing at your watch, you seemed unruffled. And when he arrived ten minutes late, you smiled."

The Mystery Woman turned out to be Joan Hay, an unmarried market researcher, with "engagement ideas in the offing"! Joan was going to wear her yellow frock to the Melbourne Cup, but at the last minute decided on a suit instead. She intended to spend her £5/5/ ($225 today) prize money on a light summer raincoat.

I found this in the Barrier Miner (a newspaper from Broken Hill) 27 January 1950. Is this the same Copacabana that Joan was seen at? Scandalous! I think it might be, because I found an article saying it opened on the 28 October 1949, so it must have still been quite new and fashionable. The club was raided in 1950 because it was believed they were selling liquor without a license, but all the confiscated booze had to be returned later, because apparently, when the search warrant was sworn for, there wasn't a Bible present!

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