Monday, 16 May 2011

Beauty Alphabet - T

"T" is for Teeth

"Rosy lips parted to reveal gleaming white teeth and healthy gums. Is this a description of your mouth? Too often we see a woman who is lovely until she smiles - then she reveals uneven, dark-coloured teeth.

Regular cleansing - after each meal if possible - and frequent trips to your dentist are the means of ensuring that your teeth are healthy and gleaming. Be thorough about your toothbrushing, and always clean your teeth last thing at night.

We all put off that trip to the dentist we know we should make, but how fatal it often is! Next time you fear you lack courage, just consider the cost of your beauty. People DO notice your teeth. A word to can protect your daughter's looks by taking her for regular dental check-ups. If her teeth are crooked, she can have orthodontic treatment, which will improve the whole contour of her mouth and jaw.

You cannot be too careful with your teeth. You won't need to worry about that upturned nose if your mouth is fresh and sparkling with white, jewel-like teeth."

(from The Argus, 21 December 1950)

These following pages are from a wonderful beauty book I bought when I was in Bendigo a couple of years ago.  Entitled How to Attain and Retain Beauty, it was published in 1935.

I am always rather suprised at how sensible and modern the advice in the 1930s was.  To quote, "We hear a great deal about vitamins nowadays, so much that we begin to think that is is necessary for us to buy concentrated extracts in tins and jars in order to keep healthy.  But our ancestors flourished on natural food and there is no reason why we should not do the same."

Dental floss, which in 1935 was a piece of waxed silk thread, is recommended.  Here is a picture demonstrating how to use dental floss. Goodness me, they really did pluck their eyebrows severely in the 30s.

A recipe for toothpaste is given in The Advertiser (a newspaper from Adelaide) from 1937.

"Take 5 ounces of precipitated chalk, 5 ounces of powdered soap, 2 drachms [about 3.5 ml] of salicylate of soda, 30 drops of rose geranium oil and 20 drops of wintergreen oil. Mix into a paste with 4 ounces of glycerine and one ounce water."

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