Thursday, 21 April 2011

Beauty Alphabet - S

Oh no, today's Beauty Alphabet is on the topic of suntanning.  I simply can't condone that misguided practice in this day and age, and I've already gone over the 50s attitudes to suntanning as opposed to now in a previous Beauty Alphabet post.  As we all know, there is no such thing as a safe tan, but that being said, I present it to you as a piece of 1950s trivia:

"S" is for Suntan

"A smooth, golden tan is the best accessory you can have to set off your new summer clothes.  But an even tan is the result of care and patience.  This summer don't be one of the hundreds who acquire a painful, blistered back on their first day at the beach.

Start your sunbaking at home.  Don't wait until there is a burning north wind, but make use of the first day with a clear sky.  If you have shelter from the wind you will find the sun warm enough for tanning.

Before you expose you skin to the sun cover it with sun lotion or baby oil.  Start with 10 minutes exposure to the sun's rays and gradually increase the time you spend in the sun.

After a long day at the beach, replace the oil dried up by the sun, by rubbing cream or baby oil over your back, face, shoulders and limbs, and watch your skin acquire that smooth, golden glow."

(from The Argus, 14 December 1950)

And now for some beach eye-candy.  This photo shoot is from Life magazine in 1947.

A bit of patriotism in copy for this article "After meekly following where Paris led in the matter of longer skirts and padded hops for dresses, American designers are now taking a firm stand of their own on the matter of bathing suits.  Repudiating the well-publicized French philosophy of the scantier the better, they have brought back the one-piece bathing suit, improved in its present version to fit "like a second skin"."

Another feature of the one piece, they go on to say, is that it can cover " multitude of ingenious engineering tricks: built-in wire brassieres, stretchable shoulder straps, skirts that streamline the hips like a girdle."  They also reported that swimsuit prices were at an all-time high, ranging from $6.95 ($69.95 today) to $89.95 ($901.38)!!!

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