Thursday, 7 April 2011

Beauty Alphabet - R

"R" is for Relaxation

"To be able to relax completely might be called the first rule of beauty.  People who get themselves all stretched out, like a piece of elastic, without knowing how to loosen up, are those with drawn faces.  There are always a few minutes, and I mean minutes, during the day when you can relax.

Don't worry about your work - you'll get through it much quicker when you are refreshed.  The housewife can lie on her bed for 10 minutes, pillows under her knees, and consciously "let go", so that all tension disappears.  In the office a girl can loosen up all tightened muscles while sitting in a chair, legs straight out, arms dropped at sides."

(from The Argus, 14 December 1950)

Articles exhorting women to relax their eyes during the day were popular in the 50s, and I suppose this advice is even more pertinent today, for all of us who spend hours each day staring that the computer screen.

What About Your Eyes?
by Doreen B. Simpson

"Eye beauty is not only possible for the girl who possesses lovely eyes.  Your eyes are very often what you make them.  Unless you have a definite physical defect you can make your eyes beautiful.

The basis of all beauty treatments of course is sleep.  It just is not possible for a girl who keeps late hours for weeks on end to have really beautiful eyes.  The eyes are the mirror of your health, and if you give yourself inadequate sleep you will not be in a fit condition, and this will tell on your eyes.

The next thing is to relax the eyes regularly.  This means that the eyes should be "refreshed" during the day.  The method is simple:  At mid-day or some other suitable moment, you should sit back in a chair and cover your eyes with your hands.  Do so in a way which prevents any light penetrating through the eyelids.  It is important to obtain complete blackness.  Sit like this for five minutes.  When you take your hands away and your eyes have accustomed themselves to the light again, you will be amazed at how refreshed they feel."

(from the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton QLD, 12 July 1952)

(from The Australian Women's Weekly, 6 July 1955)

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