Thursday, 31 March 2011


Last Friday my cousin Alice (from WAMP Nation) opened her very own shop at 220 Gertrude St, Fitzroy!  It's called Edgeley, and it's like a lovely French salon inside, with peach walls and curly gold lights.

Finally I can show you the hats I have been working on for her collection!  They are called Lorax, after the Dr Seuss character, and have a ruffle of net around the bottom, and a pompom of maribou on a long stalk, very silly. 

For the opening, I made Alice an even bigger version, with a houndstooth stalk and an ostrich feather puff on the top.  I like the way it looks like it is growing out of her head!  The evening was a great success, and if you're in the neighbourhood, do drop in and see Alice's lovely collection. 


  1. HOw exciting! Gertrude Street has zoomed ahead over the past few years, who would have thought? I remember when i worked down there 10 years ago i literally had to step over the drunks (poor darlings) to get to the post office. Of course, they are all still there and still being cared for too I believe, so that's good. I love your hats, Piroska, they are totally inspired! Good luck with it all. jxx

  2. Congrats S those hats really are fabulous - so quirky and memorable - I love it! You have come a long way - it doesn't seem that long ago that you were starting your millinery course. Best of luck with your new venture. Wish I could be that creative! Maria x
    PS just finished Orwell's 'Down and Out in London and Paris'. Feeling much better about my austerity drive now!