Monday, 21 March 2011

Beauty Alphabet - Q

"Q" is for Questionnaire

Do you get full marks for this questionnaire?
  1. Now that the hot weather is here, are you especially careful about your personal freshness?
  2. Do you use a deoderant cream after your daily bath?  Do you freshen up your skin in hot weather with an all over rub of eau-de-cologne or toilet water?
  3. Do you slip on clean undies every day?  You never make that garment last another day "just this once"?  And you always rinse your nylons out at night?
  4. Do you give your feet the care they deserve?  Frequent foot baths in hot weather, and a rub down with eau-de-cologne?  Are you as careful of your toe nails as your finger-nails?
  5. Are you sure your breath does not offend?  Clean teeth and a daily mouth wash and gargle should be sufficient guarantee of sweet breath if your health is good.  For special occasions you can obtain breath sweetening tablets from your chemist.
Full marks mean that you leave nothing to chance, and on the matter of personal daintiness, you can never afford to take chances.

(from The Argus, 7 December 1950)

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  1. Ha! I have in image of a tiny deco bathroom will faded 'smalls' draped over the shower curtain rail and 'nylons' dangling from the towel rails... jx