Thursday, 17 February 2011

My toof hurts...

Ah, a trip to the dentist is imminent!  I do like teeth, mine included.  I fall in love with boys with gorgeous teeth.  I like the shape of molars, and I can't believe I let my mother throw out all my baby teeth.

Look at this wonderful ivory carving, called "The Toothworm as Hell's Demon", from 18th century France.  Apparently the idea of toothache being caused by a Toothworm has its origins in Mesopotamia.  More info at Honeyed.

I remember falling about laughing when I learned that the Hungarian word for dentist is "fogorvos ", literally "tooth-doctor".  It makes perfect sense, but tooth-doctor sounds so quaint in English.  I really want to make a t-shirt with "Fogorvos vagyok" (I am a dentist) on the front.

Cast Human Tooth Ring by vanderglas on Etsy

My friend Polly Van der Glas makes rather amazing jewellery inspired by or using teeth and hair.  Have a look at her tooth rings and beautiful hair bracelets on Etsy.

Claudia Cembrowicz, a fine arts student from Bristol, decided carve her wisdom teeth into the shape of fairies after having them extracted.  She said "When I held [my teeth] I realised what a powerful material they were and decided to work with them - and the first thing that sprang to mind was the Tooth Fairy. She symbolised both sanctuary and reward, arriving as a blessing after a period of pain."  Apparently it took her about 20 hours with a specially adapted drill and rotary cutter to sculpt each tooth.


  1. That ring is super cool! I saw a photograph on etsy of a vintage dentist sign from Hungary. I wanted to buy it because the word makes me laugh too. So many Hungarian words seem like combos of other words put together.

  2. What if we have teeth like those? Haha! Ah! Nevermind! I like my teeth too, I enjoy regular dentist trips. When it comes to girls, having great great smile is such an asset. =)

    --nathan bedingfield