Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Eye Candy - Clothes for TV Watching

 I've just finished watching the fourth season of Big Love, but let me tell you, I did not look this glamorous whilst doing so! These clothes however, are for hostesses who "have found themselves and their guests sitting on the floor after dinner to look at television". Obviously one cannot do that comfortably in a cocktail dress, so these are some elegant yet comfortable alternatives. I am amused by the idea of matching my outfit to the upholstery, but I do like the burnt orange strapless one-piece at the top, with a jewelled cardigan draped over the shoulders. The photos are from Life, 1951.

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  1. Well, who would have thought they had to contend with those gawd awful cubes back in 1951! If I go into a cafe and I am required to sit on a cube, I leave. Ludicrous things they are. BTW i love Big Love too. But I've only seen a few episodes...late at night...in my Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt and flannelette pj pants. ahem. jx