Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beauty Alphabet - P

"P" is for Personality

"Personality, that elusive quality which every woman hopes she has. It does not depend on beauty. The plainest girl can give the illusion of beauty if she has a charming personality.

The essence of personality is a sincere interest in people. The person that attracts you most shows a genuine interest in your affairs, never talks too much, and never tries to impress you with her own importance.

Your voice is all important in your personality. A soft pleasant voice is essential if you want people to say, "Oh, Jane is so charming. She has such a pleasant personality".

Your personality is all the things which go to make up YOU. Hair, make-up, clothes, voice, deportment, grooming, but most of all, your interest and appreciation of your friends."

(from The Argus, 7 December 1950)

Not sure if I agree with this, as personality to me has more to do with your attitude to things, and your behaviour. Anyway, I found this Personality Test from the 1950s, titled "Have You An Inquiring Mind?".

"These questions will help you check up on yourself and see whether you're really interested in finding out what's what, or whether you take everything for granted. Correct answers are obvious, but the point is to answer honestly.
  1. Do you believe these statements - artists are bohemians, spinsters are frustrated, modern girls are selfish?
  2. Did you ever check on one of those wartime rumours?
  3. Do you avoid thought-provoking films because "films are meant to entertain"?
  4. If a paragraph is printed upside-down in a newspaper, do you turn the page around to see what it says?
  5. If a chemist recommends something special for you cold, do you ask him what it contains that makes it better than other remedies?
  6. Have you ever felt inadequate when surrounded by people talking in a foreign language?
  7. Do you know - The history of you local district? How to change a tyre? The names of wildflowers and birds in the nearest open space or reserve?
  8. If you child asks why the sea is blue, do you fob him off with, "Mummy's busy, dear!"?
  9. If a provocative book shocks you, do you return it to the library unfinished?
  10. Have friends ever told you that you're always asking questions?
The answers are:
1. No, 2. Yes, 3. No, 4. Yes, 5. Yes, 6. Yes, 7. Yes (you must get at least two out of three), 8. No, 9. No, 10. Yes

8-10 Right: Your mind is a perpetual question mark!
Over 6: When you were a child your school report probably read: "Could do better if she tried". It's so easy to take things for granted.
Under 7: Talking, reading and listening will help you to sharpen your wits and the intelligence that you so far haven't used.

These scans are from a 1950s brochure called How to Have a Prettier Room, which was for sale on Etsy by Snippets of Time. I think I must be an Artistic Type, who likes full skirts and interesting thong sandals.

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