Friday, 21 January 2011

Happy Birthday William!

It was William's birthday this week, so I painted him a little box. I wasn't sure what I was going to do before I started, so I just winged it. The whole thing is about 3 inches square, and I was painting some of it with a just a few hairs of a brush. The most difficult part was the girl's face. The snake is actually gold, but it didn't come out in the photo that well.

Here I am with Alice's new puppy, Rupert! He is a toy poodle, only 11 weeks old, and so sweet. He's very polite, although I think he's trying to escape here. I made myself a new skirt out of some very cheap fabric from Lincraft, but I liked the spots.
Top: really old one from Portmans
Skirt: made by me
Shoes: red leather espadrille wedges, half price from Wittner
Belt: Wide red elastic belt that I've had forever

Here is a better photo of Rupert with Alice. It's very difficult to take a good photo of him because he is so black, he just tends to look like a mop of hair.


  1. polka dots, poodles and hand-painted boxes. These are a few of my favourite things! jxx

  2. oh i love that spotty skirt. i keep forgetting to tell you in person but is it completely necessary to have this word verification thing? it makes me feel like a criminal!

  3. The detail on that box is incredible! Such talent! I'll bet that William loved it...

    You look darling in that polka dot skirt!

  4. Oh I bought some of that fabric for a skirt! Is yours from Lincraft? I kind of butchered mine cos it was the first thing I played with when I got my machine.

    The painting is really nice! Pretty awesome for not having planned it too :-D

  5. Oh yes, fabric was from Lincraft, it's pretty crappy quality actually. I was tempted by the red with black dots, but thought I might look like a demented ladybird!