Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Eye Candy - 1940s Resort Wear

Ladies, a bit of eye candy for your Tuesday morning! These resort fashions from 1947, photographed in Puerto Rico, are so classy. They were high fashion outfits meant to be worn by wealthy women vacationing somewhere warm during the winter months, and the article mentions that these looks would filter down into cheaper versions for "vacationing housewives and working girls" the following summer.

This pure silk dress is so gorgeous, and look at the model's tiny waist!

I love the dress on the bottom right, which is described as having a pattern of red geraniums on a black background. It has a split in the front of the skirt, showing off the black petticoat with a jagged, ruffled hem.

If you look closely at these two dresses, you can see that the fabric is printed to look like fish scales, like the skin of a rainbow trout!

All photos are from Life magazine, 1947.

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