Thursday, 27 January 2011

Beauty Alphabet - N

N is for Nose

"Never forget that your nose is the dominant feature in your face, so be sure it is an asset to your beauty. Protect it from sunburn and freckles with sunburn lotion and a shady hat. Remember a beetroot nose is most unglamorous. If you are one of those unfortunates who suffer from a chronic red nose, it is advisable to see a doctor, as this condition is often due to poor general health.

The skin of the nose is very susceptible to open pores and blackheads. If you have little blackheads in the creases of your nose, one of the best cures is scrupulous cleansing with soap and water. For bad cases you can obtain a blackhead cream from your chemist, and a little metal blackhead remover.

Don't forget about your nose when you choose your hats and hairstyles. If you have a turned-up nose, don't wear a hat with a turned-up brim. If you nose is large, don't wear exaggerated styles. Experiment until you find the shape that makes your nose fade into its rightful place on your face."

(from The Argus, 30 November 1950)

(from The Australian Women's Weekly, 1 February 1956)

This article from the Australian Women's Weekly 1959, offers some tricks on shading your nose with foundation to make it appear smaller. I do tend to agree with them, but you have to keep it very subtle, and blend!


  1. Fun post! I like that advice: if you've got a turn-up nose, don't wear a hat with a turned-up brim.

    I've got one of those kind of noses - better be careful with my hat selection!

  2. Szia, Piroska. I love the vintage ads! Such good advice, too. I just started following your blog - I'm (half) Hungarian too!

  3. Sarsaparilla - You look like you are a pretty good hat chooser from you profile pic!

    Tanya - Thank you for following, it's always nice to meet another Hungarian (even a half one!)