Thursday, 6 January 2011

Beauty Alphabet - K

'K' is for Know-How (on beauty routine)

""Plain Janes" know how to make the best of themselves with careful dressing, and quickly catch up on their more glamorous sisters.

If you have been reading the advice of Beauty writers carefully, you will know by now to:
  • Always wear a large hat if your nose is large and vice-versa
  • Part your hair in the centre if your face is fat, and on the side if your face is thin
  • If your face is long then your neckline should not be long too. It should be high, with or without a collar, or oval shaped. If you have a round face and a smooth neck then you can successfully wear a plunging neckline.
  • If you bust is large, then it's the draped line for you, and if it is small you can wear frills, fancy pockets, and ornamental bows and trimmings.
  • Large hips should be disguised with an asymmetrical drape, and small hips covered with large pockets or bows.
  • If your legs cannot compare with those of Marlene Dietrich, then cover them with longer skirts and wear neutral coloured stockings
  • Those owners of thick ankles should wear high-heeled shoes with all but casual clothes - and never, never wear ankle strap shoes."
(from The Argus, 16 November 1950)

This is the first installment of a series of 500 Beauty Hints from the Australian Women's Weekly 1959. It's aimed at teenagers, but has some interesting stuff, like how to cleanse your face with cold cream, how to do a manicure, and how to apply makeup. I'll put the other parts up in the following weeks.

Here are some more beauty tips:
  • To keep lasting make-up, apply astringent to the face, use powder base sparingly, and powder generously. Leave face thickly powdered for a few minutes, then brush off surplus.
  • Make lipstick lasting: pat the lips with Eau de Cologne after applying lipstick
  • Revive a colourless complexion: mix a little cream rouge with your foundation cream, and smooth over face and neck
(from The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 March 1951)

"A soothing face pack can be made from ordinary oatmeal and milk. Make a stiff paste, spread evenly and allow to remain for a few minutes before washing off with tepid water. An excellent pack for summer time."

(from Australian Women's Weekly, 12 December 1942)

And finally, a beauty routine for the week from Max Factor (yes, he was a real man), from The Queenslander, 24 October 1935.


  1. yes i would like to agree ferociously with the first section but furiously against the make-up tips. mix blusher with your moisturiser will make you look like a tomato face not brighten your complexion. dear me!

  2. "Those possessing thick ankles..." That sounds so tragic!