Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Underbelly Kasbah

Friday night was the big Underbelly Kasbah Christmas concert at the Thornbury Theatre. It was such a fantastic night, probably the best one I've been to, and there were some amazing performances. I was in two dances, which was exciting, but I was terrified that I'd mix them up in my head!

Here are our Intermediate and Beginner classes, which combined for a veil dance. I'm on the right at the back. We had a sewing day and all made our costumes, and I think they turned out pretty well.

Here we are in action! I love veil dances, it's so much fun swishing the veil around, and it looks quite effective when it's done en masse.

Here are Prue (my teacher), Zoe and I in our costumes for the troupe dance. We ordered the costumes from Lila's Bellydance Costumes so they would all match, and I had a little disaster. I wanted a red one, but they ran out, and by then all the good colours were taken, so I had a choice between pale pink and brown! Needless to say, I picked pink.

This is a picture of the pink costume from their website. I thought I could live with it, but when it arrived and I tried it on, it looked awful on me! It was practically the same colour as my skin, and I felt like a giant pink marshmallow. So I decided to remove all the pink sequins and beads and replace them with red ones. Just look at that costume. There must be about a thousand sequins on it, not to mention all the little tiny beads that keep the sequins on.

Once I had started though, I couldn't change my mind. In the end I used a completely new red bra, and moved all the beads and sequins onto it. With the belt I just took off all the pink stuff, coloured the pale pink satin in with a red Sharpie marker, and then sewed red sequins on over that. You can see a before and after with the armbands below. In the end it took me four packets of sequins and $15 worth of little red beads, and I managed to watch two whole seasons of The Sopranos while I beaded. My cousin Alice came to my rescue and made me a perfect replica of the pink skirt, but in red.

Here is the troupe on the night. We all have different coloured outfits, a bit like the Wiggles. I was a nightmare re-beading, but I'm glad I did it. Everybody worked really hard in rehearsals, and it paid off on the night, although we couldn't have done it without our lovely teacher Prue, who coreographed the dance, and put in so much time and effort helping us to get the steps right, and telling us to "Smile! Look confident! Pretend you know what you're doing" :)


  1. holy crap you redid all those beads! omg - what a task! Looks fabulous though - and since you used a new bra it probably fit better than the original too. :-)

  2. Wow, you all look gorgeous. Well done on redoing all those beads - I had to repair a beaded cardigan a few months ago - I know what a nightmare beading can be! It looks like a great dance (I do jazz ballet, this year we did 'Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal' - had the whole MJ outfit with white fedora etc - very cool)(not as good as your costumes though!) Mx