Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I just bought this wonderful fabric from Vintage Fabric Addict in NSW. They have a great selection of vintage fabrics, and postage is free within Australia. Plus, they ship so quickly! I ordered this last Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday! I think I'm going to make a half-circle skirt out of it, with a centre back seam, so the pattern will be as intact as possible.

Here are some other pretty vintage things with a feather motif...

Love Letters quill sweater guard - $18 from Bombshell Bettie's on Etsy

Peacock feather stockings - $18 from Tattoo Socks on Etsy

6 yards of ostrich feather upholstery brocade - $150 from Vintia on Etsy

late 40's/early 50's Vera feather printed scarf - $35 from Caroline's Curio on Etsy

vintage Volupte powder compact - $20 from Vintage New Hope on Etsy

Silk dupioni purse with embroidered peacock feather - $75 from Paulownia on Etsy


  1. Fabric resource!! YES thank you! wooooo. Awesome :-D

  2. Nice fabric! It will make a beautiful skirt. Can't wait to see the finished product!