Thursday, 16 December 2010

Beauty Alphabet - J

"J" is for Jawline

"Keep your jawline firm, in spite of the calendar, by sensible massage, soft lubricating oils, and brisk astringent lotions.

massage each night with a firm, circulatory motion, from the base of the throat upwards. Your beauty brush should have firm bristles and it should be used vigorously on the neck and shoulders.

Jaw exercises are important, so don't neglect them. To keep your jawline firm, drop the head forward, and let it roll to the right, back, to the left, and round to the front. Repeat this exercise three times night and morning."

(from The Argus, 9 November 1950)

Also from The Argus, this time from 1945, is this delightfully illustrated set of instructions on how to avoid a double chin. Click on the picture to view it full size.

I thought you might enjoy this article on chin exercises from The Australian Women's Weekly 1954, mostly because they advise on how to "wage an unrelenting fight against a slipping chin"!

And finally, from The Australian Women's Weekly 1944, some advice on slapping under your chin with the back of your hand! Wonder if it works?

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