Monday, 6 December 2010

Australian Fashions from 1950

For this week's inspiration, a selection of Australian-manufactured (not designed) fashions from The Australian Women's Weekly, 30 September 1950. Click on the pictures to get a full-sized image that you can actually read the text on. I like the blue dress on the left, described as a "short evening dress of taffeta with a form fitting bodice and white silk braiding." The clothes on these pages are described as inexpensive, but in today's money, this dress would cost $606! I'm sure the amount of fabric and the work that went into it justifies this price, but I wouldn't describe that as an inexpensive garment.

These very demure swimsuits are described as having "a good bra-line and firm figure control". They are priced at between $127 - $255 in today's money.

I adore the little fitted suit up in the top right corner. Made of shantung, it would cost $427 today. Do you think that is expensive? Could one buy a silk suit for that amount today?

I'm not mad about these styles, although I think the idea of a detachable button-on apron, seen in the dress on the bottom right, is an interesting idea. These dresses are priced from between $481 for the gold crepe suit in the middle, to $706 for the black pleated dress with the white collar.

I'm so inspired by the spotted dress above, I love that off the shoulder ruffle. I'm going to make myself one like that!

Hope you enjoyed this selection of 1950s fashions!


  1. Oo what a lovely fashion parade. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you! I also love the 'bolero sun frock', red and white stripes, on final spread.

  2. Really nice vintage fashions!

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