Thursday, 25 November 2010

Beauty Alphabet - G

It's Thursday, so time for the next installment of the Beauty Alphabet, direct to you from The Argus 26 October 1950.

"G" is for Glamour, Grooming

"Of these two words, "Grooming" is the one to be emphasised. A "glammagal" get that way only if she builds up on a basis of exquisite cleanliness, meticulous attention to detail, disciplined care of her clothes and her person.

A well-groomed woman turns heads in the street, but even a flawless face will not retrieve the effect of run-down heels or a tired-looking blouse.

Exquisite grooming can be achieved at little cost to the purse, but the expenditure in care and thought must be constant.

Train yourself to save one night a week for beauty checkups - hair, nails, a beauty mask treatment.

Set aside one whole morning a week to go through your wardrobe and freshen each outfit.

Regular care will give you the gleaming hair, the soft-as-silk skin, the indefinable something that is the basis of glamour.

Its exciting quality is added to by the skillful use of makeup, the exchange of conservative accessories for dramatic ones.

And remember, don't try to be glamourous on the beach or at the office. After dusk is the time for that spectacular costume jewellery, the deeper touch of eye-shadow, the tantalising sophisticated perfume...and after dusk, how enticing they all can be!"

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  1. I love this series. So true about keeping your clothes well maintained. And thank you so much for the blog award :-)